If you think about it most people start their day with a single cup of coffee. I, however, usually start with two or three. That first cup is the start of my day, made by my husband, with a single splash of half & half and one packet of sugar in the raw always poured into my dean & deluca coffee mug which my mom gave me for Christmas. I don't like to think I'm obsessive but this is the one thing I do base my day around…coffee!

Jamaica. Day Four. 10.21.2012

Departure morning has sadly arrived. As I savor the last few sips of my Jamaican Blue Mountain the morning is filled with clear skies, a cool breeze, and the evil sound of a golf cart slithering through the palm tree lined paths picking up luggage for the sad souls that are leaving this breathtaking island. As our bag sits by the front door we will walk the beach to our favorite breakfast spot and then say good bye to Negril. Looking back on yesterday there isn't much to write about unless you want to hear how nice the water was, how beautiful the sky looked, and how absolutely relaxed we were from the time we opened our eyes to the last seconds of our heads sinking into the big white fluffy pillows. We are definately taking home a clear calm head and a peaceful vibe. Thank you Jamaica for the wonderful four days!

Jamaica. Day Three. 10.20.2012

Patiently waiting for the little knock on our door from the first cup of the day delivery I seem to be one of only a few that have risen. The sound of running water is just about the only sound accompanying me right now as I sit on our cute modern outdoor sofa made of concrete and leather which sits across from a little cozy wicker chair and the coffee table that will be holding up our breakfast in about 10 minutes or so. Yesterday turned into to a fun filled day of water sports and sun bathing! We started with paddle boarding which we really enjoyed. Then tried out the kayak. I think we rowed 20 feet and turned around to come back in. Not our cup of tea. Then by far our favorite, we walked down to our friend, Bob's where we rented a jet ski and drove it to this tiny island off the coast of Negril. It was an island of cliffs and caves with small little sandy beaches in between. The reef hugged the outskirts so it was hard to get too close but made for a beautiful 40 min ride. Of course we had to do some shopping so we walked down the beach to Margaritaville to score a colorful tee for my dad and then made a few stops along the way if something would catch our eye. The beach is lined with one bright sorbet colored building after the other. All the ladies stand out front yelling "princess would you like to try a message" "sweetheart would you like to look at my bracelets" Then the men walk up and down the beaches selling everything from parasailing rides to hand carved wood sculptures to lobster pulled right from the ocean. Needless to say we turned in early last night! Now I am up, sitting here with a fresh pot of coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice, and homemade pastries while Jeremy is getting some much needed rest for this last day of our vacation. Wonder what this beautiful island will bring us today.

Jamaica. Day Two. 10.19.2012

The glowing 6:58 staring at me this morning almost seemed like it was calling me to pull myself out of bed. Jeremy still sleeping I made a pot of perfectly dark, slightly sweetened coffee and joined my lizard friend out on the porch. We had an eventful day yesterday. We started with breakfast at The Palms, another fabulous meal followed by three hours of lounging on the beach. The hotel provides these magical carpet-like floats you take out into the ocean. After a couple of hours in the sun and a few too many mojitos we thought we should venture out and take a walk into town. Little did we know it was quite far. After about 45 minutes of the sun beating down on us we hopped in one of the taxis (which is so unlike New York) They literally honk every 10seconds to see if you want a ride so there is no hailing involved! We asked the driver to take us to Three Dives which was a local spot we had read about. The food was the best so far and the view was amazing. The small hut sat on top of a cliff looking over the crystal clear water that ran in and out of different caves. After lunch we made our way to Rick's Cafe famous for it's "cliff jumpers" If you have never heard of it you must google and check this place out. It's a bar with a pool on a cliff where you watch these crazy people jump from an 85foot platform built on a swaying tree into a body of the most beautiful water you've ever seen. Definately one of the craziest things I've seen in my lifetime. Jeremy jumped from the 35foot platform. I wanted to come back the following day to try it myself until I saw Jeremy's backside, which got me in trouble. When we got back to the hotel he laid down for an hour to relax and when he woke up I asked "how are you feeling" He responded "I'm not 21 anymore" and then I looked. It was as if I was in a Ben Stiller movie. The whole bottom of his rear end was black and blue and he could barely sit in the cushion chair we had in our room. I tried hard not to laugh because I know it had to be painful but it was hard not to. Poor Jeremy but we both got a good laugh out of the situation. I have a feeling the rest of the trip will be pretty chill as we were originally planning to go out on jet skis today. So now I will just sit on our porch with my coffee in hand waiting to see what Jeremy's hind parts feel like doing today...poor guy;)

Jamaica Day One. 10.18.2012

We arrived in Negril, Jamaica yesterday afternoon. Driving through a rain storm I would have never believed the morning would have been as beautiful as it was when we woke up to the sun shining through the large palm trees with a peek of the Tiffany blue ocean and clean white sand.  It was the morning of our 10 year anniversary and we were relaxing on our balcony each with a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and a basket of pastries, fresh cut fruit, and jams the staff had delivered just seconds ago to our room. We were greeted at exactly 9am with a sweet "good morning and Happy Anniversary to ya" The rest of the day was absolutely amazing. After breakfast we lounged in the water for what seemed like hours. For lunch we ventured outside the hotel and walked to a local hole in the wall restaurant called Ossie's which one of the local guys we met had recommended for jerk chicken. The building was a small colorful little hut that had three tables, two customers that had probably been there all day talking and just hanging out, and a little Jamaican woman with a big smile on her face that read "what can I make for you today." The chicken was amazing!! And the new friends we made were quite the characters. Next was another hour laying on the beach, which was probably the most relaxing hour we both have had in months. The walk back to our room was equally as beautiful. The paths are covered in tropical plants and running pond with the sounds of birds chirping just like you would imagine for the Caribbean. After washing up we decided to have an early dinner which was a great idea considering the bottom fell out of the sky as soon as we arrived to the restauraunt. We ate at The Palms which was a covered outdoor restaurant attached to the hotel. We sat as close to the outside as possible so we could watch the tropical rain fall around us. The food was excellent! Way better than what we were expecting for all inclusive. All in all our first day was exactly what we both had wished for and could not have been a more wonderful anniversary! I'm lucky to have such an amazing husband! Until tomorrow's cup.....

Rewind to November 2011

Catching Up with a Cup of Joe.

I'm finding out that I either have a mild case of ADD or am just absolutely horrible at this blogging. But from time to time I do remember that you are out there Morning Cup! So let's see...this past year has been amazing! We drove the coast of California (AMAZING!!!) Every morning started like this one above. Coffee in hand to warm my fingertips form the chill in the air while we searched for the perfect wave of the day. Looking back now it still takes my breath away just thinking of the scenic beauty California has to offer. As I sat on the beach this very day watching Jeremy in the water a train was mysteriously passing behind me winding through the greenery like a snake. This day was relaxing, enjoyable, and so much needed after a summer of hard work. Happy Birthday Jeremy! You deserved it!!

Coffee of the trip has to go to Keane's Honey Vanilla Latte!  

Winter in New York. 12.11.10

New York right before Christmas is hard to beat! Being surrounded by twinkling lights and giant nutcrackers, the snow that falls every so often, the street noise that I have, oddly, found to be soothing, and of course the sound of a $10,000 espresso machine first thing in the morning are just a few of the things that bring me here this time of year! J and I decided to spend part of Christmas in the city and I have become quite comfortable waking up in our teenie tiny apartment, throwing on my boots over my sweatpants, bundling up in an oversized sweatshirt, gloves, and jacket and heading a block down the street to "Think Coffee"! Always crowded I wait in line, order my small cappucino to go, and head back to Mott St. where J is 9 out of 10 times still asleep. I sit on the bed anxiously waiting for him to wake up so we can start out a new day of "who knows what it will bring!" You never know in a city like New York!

Snowshoe. Day Two.

Well all I can really say about today is "Ouch, ouch, and more ouch!" Pictures to follow soon!