If you think about it most people start their day with a single cup of coffee. I, however, usually start with two or three. That first cup is the start of my day, made by my husband, with a single splash of half & half and one packet of sugar in the raw always poured into my dean & deluca coffee mug which my mom gave me for Christmas. I don't like to think I'm obsessive but this is the one thing I do base my day around…coffee!

Jamaica. Day Four. 10.21.2012

Departure morning has sadly arrived. As I savor the last few sips of my Jamaican Blue Mountain the morning is filled with clear skies, a cool breeze, and the evil sound of a golf cart slithering through the palm tree lined paths picking up luggage for the sad souls that are leaving this breathtaking island. As our bag sits by the front door we will walk the beach to our favorite breakfast spot and then say good bye to Negril. Looking back on yesterday there isn't much to write about unless you want to hear how nice the water was, how beautiful the sky looked, and how absolutely relaxed we were from the time we opened our eyes to the last seconds of our heads sinking into the big white fluffy pillows. We are definately taking home a clear calm head and a peaceful vibe. Thank you Jamaica for the wonderful four days!

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